Greener Living, Greener Pocket

Climate change is all over the news, global warming is a very real threat to our lives. Despite warnings, clean up campaigns and tree planting initiatives there are still very few people who seem concerned by it. Most people are under the misconception that going green will somehow end up costing them either time or money (neither are commodities they wish to part with).
In an attempt to debunk this myth we will be listing ways in which a consumer can enjoy greener living and save money doing so.

Saving Energy

  • Some may find this shocking but there are small things they can do to save on energy consumption. As a matter of fact these changes are so minor they won’t even change your daily routine. Keep in mind the more you save on energy consumptions the more money you have left in your pocket!
  • After using appliances or chargers unplug them from the wall socket. When they are left plugged they continuously consume what is referred to as phantom energy.
  • Use energy saving bulbs, not only do they use less energy, they last longer meaning you as the consumer wont have to buy new bulbs as frequently.
  • DONT use your tumble drier, apart from damaging your clothes it is a power consuming machine, besides a little sunlight never hurt anyone.
  • Don’t wash your washing with warm water, doing this will cause the element in your geyser to continuously heat up the water.

Saving water

  • Water is our most precious commodity yet we waste it as if there was an endless supply!
  • When doing washing, make sure you do a full load. This way you don’t only get more done you save water and electricity.
  • When planting opt for drought tolerant plants, these require very little water or alternatively you may use bath water that has cooled down to water your plants. Yes it takes a bit more effort but in the long run you will be saving on water consumption.
  • Instead of indulging in a luxurious bubble bath every night opt for a refreshing shower, showering consumes less water and is more refreshing.

Paper waste

  • Consumers don’t sit back and think where that piece of paper they just chucked into the bin comes from, for each 5000 pages that are consumed a tree is destroyed. Online service providers such as FaxFx promote online faxing in an attempt to reduce paper consumption in business enterprises. Amongst the services offered is free fax to email, this environmentally friendly fax to email solution does not only save you money it encourages greener operations in the office environment.
  • Before you purchasing a new book consider other alternatives such as second hand books, the library or e books.

Spring cleaning

Instead of using harmful chemicals opt for home made non toxic products. The instructions for creating non toxic cleaning solutions is freely available online as long as you have baking soda, lemon/lime juice, soap and vinegar you are good to go.

Going green needn’t cost you and arm or a leg as long as you are smart about it you will be laughing all the way to the bank.

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