A greener, healthier more productive work environment


Going green is something that concerns us all and it involves more than recycling. Studies have shown that a major difference can be made, if we get our businesses on board with the green initiative. Going green at work isn’t as difficult as you might think; as a matter of fact you may even be surprised at how easy it really is.

Below are some top tips to turning your workplace into a green zone.

Be energy smart

Don’t leave printers and scanners plugged in, they continue to draw energy. The same applies for laptops and PC’s that are left in “standby mode.” When using your PC or laptop set the setting to power saving mode. Switch off lights to non essential areas that are not constantly in use.

No paper waste

It is amazing how in our digital age we are still wasting paper like there is no tomorrow. Businesses have storerooms overflowing with archived documents, instead of viewing an email or document onscreen we print it to throw it away ten seconds later. Guys it’s time we utilize the advantages of our modern society don’t print it “cloud” it, email it, screen view it, fax to email it (this is a form of paperless online faxing) and if you have to print it Greenprint it! (Greenprinting removes blank pages from documents).

Green material

When buying stationary and other office consumables, look for products that have been manufactured using recycled materials and eco friendly methods.

Nothing works better than word of mouth so utilize your powers of persuasion and get others in on promoting a greener work environment.

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