Green Your Office Today!

Green living is a concept that has been gaining popularity with businesses over the past few years. Even companies that are not completely green have some green policies in place. Adopting just one of these practices can help the environment and also inspire your employees to do the same in their personal lives. Look through this short list and pick the best option for your business to contribute to the movement.

Desk Plants

Indoor plants became filters that absorb all the pollutants created by the electronics we use in the office like computers, fax machines and printers. Not only that, but they can be a great addition to your office’s interior décor.

Save on paper

Print documents on both sides to save paper and encourage all your employees to do the same. Make sure that the next time you order office supplies, you order recycled paper, and remember to recycle the paper you use when the documents are no longer of use to you.

Green your lunches

No not literally, but adding some green, leafy vegetables goes a long way too and will help you keep healthy and refreshed. Bringing lunches prepared from home saves you time and money. You won’t be spending all that money you would have spent on petrol and you will also be eating food that is natural and not chemically and artificially modified.

Make technology work for you

Since your computer is switched on anyway, make use of it in the best way possible. Schedule video call meetings with clients you would have otherwise had to travel to and save on fuel and the carbon emissions your car would have produced. Use Fax to email instead of traditional fax that requires ink and paper.

Go on, get everybody in your office on the green living bandwagon and start reducing your carbon footprint today.

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