The Great Fax Comeback

The fax machine, that noisy little machine that sat in the corner of offices so many years ago was actually the marvel invention of its time! Keep in mind that when people started using fax machines somewhere in the 1980s communication options were limited, faxing was the only way to send and receive documents in a relatively fast time. It was the first attempt at advanced business communication. Back in the 80s there were no cell phones, no instant messaging and no Social Media.

Then in the 1990s email was introduced. There were some that remained loyal to the fax machine but the majority of consumers jumped the fence in a heartbeat. Faxing didn’t stand a chance! At the time email was at the forefront of technological advancements thus making email faster, easier and more convenient!

As soon as people got use to the idea of emailing it took off like wild fire, even today it is still a preferred method of communication, then faxing made its comeback and it came back swinging.

Online faxing

Online faxing was introduced and it turned business communication on its head.

Online faxing isn’t that much different to email as a matter of fact it is better. It has a higher grade of encryption software, it is quick and easy to use but more importantly thanks to service providers such as Faxfx consumers can send a fax to email free of charge!). Unlike its predecessor an online fax can be sent or received anywhere anytime using either you PC, laptop or Smartphone now that’s convenience made easy.

When you think about it faxing was never really dead it just took a little longer in it evolution process but now that it’s up to speed you can’t help but wonder what’s next.

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