Going Green With FaxFX

Going Green in the Office with FaxFX

How electronic faxing helps the planet, and your business.

In the modern age the onus is on businesses to help protect Earth’s precious resources. This is because offices are big waste generators – and no, I’m not talking about your colleague who uses a whole A4 page just to scribble a phone number. The biggest waster in your office is almost certainly the fax machine.

The reason that fax machines are such a big culprit of unnecessary usage is because they continuously draw power, owing to the fact that their nature means that they always have to be ready to operate. Moreover, they print out every single page they receive – which is often a good few – with a cover page to boot. Remember that if a fax transmission is interrupted somehow, the fax will reprint in its entirety.

So, does this really affect the environment? Absolutely. Some companies still fax written documents, or documents that require signatures. This generates hundreds of thousands of faxed pages a year, which equates to acres of trees from Earth’s rapidly diminishing forests.

The solution is in online faxing, a service which allows all your fax communication to be sent and received using a regular email account. This saves countless trees, as well as saves you having to buy paper, ink, toner, and the physical fax machine.

Companies like FaxFX offer this service to help save the environment, and save you money in the process!

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