Go Green save Paper

Each year thousand of trees are destroyed so that we can have paper. Paper to print, paper to write on, paper to read from, useless paper aeroplanes… the list goes on. How do we repay the earth for what she has given? Do we recycle? No we just dump everything where it is most convenient for us… the trash.

We need to start thinking about our environment and what we are doing to our planet. If you consume less paper fewer trees are destroyed. Keep in mind 5000 sheets of paper = 1 tree.

Here are some cool tips to saving paper:

Photo Copying
Copy on both sides instead of just one. When you do this you automatically cut your paper consumption in half. (Obviously)

Fill her up
Try to fit more text onto a page. It often happens that the last page that is printed only has a few words. When you change the text size and font you can manipulate the text to fit the entire document.

Smart recycling
Throw used paper in the recycling bin or go the extra mile by reusing scrap paper before recycling it i.e. use it to leave phone messages or to write notes of things you still need to do.

Communications technology
The technological advancement of communication has made it possible for us to communicate paperless. We can make a telephone call, send a text message, send an email or fax online (fax to email has become one of the most popular means of sending and receiving documentation).

Recycled paper
Slapping a “consider the environment” banner on your email is no longer sufficient. In order to make a difference you have to lead by example! By using recycled paper you reduce your businesses own carbon footprint by saving paper and assisting in the reduction of landfills. If you really want to make a statement let it be known that you proudly support recycled products.

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