Getting acquainted with FaxFX


Some more frequently asked questions.

FaxFX is an extremely convenient and ground-breaking service that is making fax communication easier both in South Africa and around the world. With fax to email services, FaxFX allows its users to receive faxes for free, using their email accounts, and to send faxes from their email accounts too.

As you might imagine, such a revolutionary service is multi-faceted, which is why you might have some questions. If you have some questions of your own, you are encouraged to get hold of the FaxFX team. Alternatively, the following FAQs might help you.

Can I have more than one fax number?

Yes, you are entitled to as many fax numbers as you need. However, you may only link one fax number to one email account.

Can I use my Mac to receive faxes?

Yes, as long as you can access your email account, you can receive faxes. You can use your operating system to adjust the format of the fax, if need be.

Can my account expire?

Your account may be suspended if you have no FaxOut credits in your account, and you have not used it for a period of 90 days. Should this happen, contact the FaxFX support team and request that your number be reinstated, providing it is still available. However, even if the number is restored, any archived faxes under this number will not be available.

How do I access my archived faxes?

If the fax you require was sent 90 days (or more) prior to the current date, you will need to contact the FaxFX support team and request the fax.

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