Get rid of your fax machine!

FaxFX has made faxing paperless. You do not need a bulky and expensive fax machine anymore. With FaxFX employees can easily send and receive faxes online through our free fax to email service.

You do not have to wait next to a fax machine nor is there the need for confirmation that your documents have been sent and successfully received. With fax to email incoming faxes are delivered directly to your inbox and outgoing facsimiles are sent via your e-mail.

Email to fax is no different from sending an e-mail. In addition it is possible that your customers can still send faxes to the same number without any disruptions. With FaxFX you can transfer your fax number to us and continue to do business as usual.

No paper needed
With online faxing documents are sent in a PDF file format. To send a fax simply upload the file and click send. Everything is done automatically and via the World Wide Web.

No need for a new number
You may transfer your existing number to us and we take it further. No need for interruptions or lost faxes. Business continues as if nothing has changed.

All transmissions are encrypted with a sophisticated encryption algorithm, no one can possibly intercept any communication. All your communication is secure and confidential.

You may make use of our free fax to email or online faxing services. Which one you choose depends entirely on your requirements.

You may configure as many fax lines and users as you require, inbound faxes may be routed in any way you choose.

Excellent service
At FaxFX we look after our customers. Whether you are an individual or a company your requirements always comes first.

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