Get your Office to go Green


These days many offices spend tons of money on reams of paper and inefficient technology. On top of that, air cons run daily and windows your office.

Get some fresh air

Of course I don’t mean working outside, but try to take advantage of using fresh air to cool and ventilate the office. Open a few windows and let the breeze in. Try to reduce the running time of your air con.

Invest in a few office plants

Not only do they brighten up your environment, they also contribute to a better quality of air. An abundance of plants in your office will literally green up the place.

Print fewer documents

Printing wastes both paper and ink. Try to keep all of your communication electronic. Make phone calls and send emails to your heart’s content, but try not to print those emails. Paper wastage is a major factor in environmental damage.

Take a walk to your coworker

If you need to chat to a coworker about business, take a walk. Instead of an email being sent, let your legs get some exercise. This will contribute to a healthier body and a healthier state of mind.

Use natural light

Instead of flooding the office with artificial light, open your blinds and let in some natural light. Boost your frame of mind, and your happiness.

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