Free Fax to Email


In the current economic climate one cannot afford to be foolish with money. Every dime saved makes a difference, as a small to medium business this is not possible if you have to invest in a fax machine and all that goes with it i.e. paper, toner, ink…

To make matters worse the fax machine needs to be maintained on a regular basis and you have to pay for the monthly line rental, not to mention the fact that you pay per fax that is sent regardless of whether the fax reaches its destination.

Fortunately there is a simpler more cost effective way of sending and receiving faxes i.e. online faxing. With online faxing there are two options available to you, the paid option and the free fax option!

They both provide the same functionality but the only difference between them is the one requires a low monthly fee and the other is completely free of charge. With free fax to email you may send faxes free of charge!

Making use of fax to email does not require investment in new hardware or software. Faxes are sent through your personal computer irrespective of it being connected to a network or stand alone. You will only need vendor specific software installed on your personal computer, which may be downloaded from the provider’s website at no additional costs. The software ties in with your current e-mail client therefore you will not have to learn new software.

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