The Faxing Revolution


These days, if I want to send a fax I simply log on to my Fax FX account on my computer. Yup, that’s all I need. I no longer have to struggle with noisy paper jams and wrong numbers. I got my free fax number, and that is all I need to send faxes worldwide. How does it work, you ask?

Technological advances, that’s how.

With Fax FX, all of your faxing needs can be fulfilled online. That old machine is no longer a problem. Once you have signed up and received you fax number, you have all you need to start faxing. This fax number is your personal number, and will be used to send and receive faxes. Think of it as another cell phone number. All faxes sent or received through us will be stored on our system for you to access whenever need be. Security is not a problem, as our servers are safe and secure. You do not need to stress about strange eyes seeing your private documents. If you land in England and suddenly remember that there are details on a fax that you need to have a look at, you simply log in to your inbox. Providing you have internet access, you have easy access to all of your faxes.

Being a leading provider of fax to email, Fax FX prides itself on our top quality fax service. When you have finally turfed that old machine and decided to see the light, Fax FX will be here to help.

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