Faxing: Then and Now

When the fax machine was first introduced, it revolutionised the way the world communicated. It was a major step forward in technological and it made the world that little bit smaller, everyone was easier to reach. When fax to email technology was introduced to the market, it entirely re-revolutionised the way that businesses and individuals share information and data.

Now, thanks to this internet based technology faxing has advanced at a rapid pace, keeping up with the demands and culture of the 21st century. As with any modern communication medium in the 21st century, this technology offers universal access, convenience and cost-effectiveness, everything that the fax machine of the past definitely did not provide.

How Has Email to Fax Technology Advanced Faxing Today?

Here are only a few of the ways email to fax technology has forever changed and advanced the conventional faxing system:

  • Convenient archiving of documents: In the not so distant past companies were pressed to print hardcopies of all faxes and files manually. Thanks to this cutting edge technology, sent and received faxes can now be digitally archived on secure servers and be organised by subject, date, recipient or sender by the click of a button. This will also help your company to stay compliant with government regulations on document and record storage.
  • Your faxes find you: In the past you had to be physically present with your fax machine in order to send and receive fax messages. When you were away anyone close to the fax machine could receive your faxes. This is no longer the case. Important documents can now be stored safely online and have restricted access.
  • Take your faxes with you: Now, if you have an Internet enabled device your faxes will find you. You can send and receive faxes on the go and do so from your own fax number without being limited to the constraints that conventional fax machines placed on you.

These are only a few of the many ways in which fax to email technology has revolutionised faxing forever.

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