FaxFX services

From fax to email to VoIP

With the world spending so much time operating online it makes sense to have a service provider that can supply you with the various online tools that make life easier.

Whether you are a private individual or a massive corporation, FaxFX have options to take you into the modern world. Some of the services offered by FaxFX include:

Fax to email: To avoid the costs and carbon dioxide emissions that go hand in hand with traditional faxes, allow FaxFX to provide you with a service that converts any faxes sent your way into an email. This obviously makes the digital filing system more inclusive and reliable. Not to mention the environmental benefits.

Email to fax: because sometimes you have to deal with people who are stuck in the past. Not everyone has managed to upgrade entirely to the internet and some companies still request faxed copies of important documents. This leaves those of us without fax machines in trouble. FaxFX takes this off your plate by providing an email to fax service, allowing you to meet all these ludicrous demands.

With the internet playing such a huge role in every aspect of our lives it makes sense to move with a service provider who has the experience and know how to carry you and your business into the future.

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