FaxFX and the Future of the Faxing

How fax to email is exceeding expectations.

I recently read an article about faxing, written with a sort of disdain for the technology.  Its gist was that faxing is clumsy, slow, and antiquated, and only exists because people still need to send signatures for business purposes.  How wrong the writer is!

With FaxFX, sending and receiving faxes is quick, efficient, and revolutionary.  But, before we get into this, let’s look back as to why the writer of that article was so ill-informed.
The writer gave a description of what he believed faxing should be, and then described how he believed faxing fails to meet his expectations.  According to him, a fax machine should be a little device with scanning capabilities, connected to an Ethernet cable instead of a telephone line.

Well, Mr Writer, little do you know that, with FaxFX’s revolutionary technology, faxing has far surpassed this idea.

FaxFX allows you to send and receive faxes using your email account.  There is no need to purchase an additional hardware, or software, and you can fax using your computer.  There is no need to scan documents, because you can fax the documents that you create straight from your PC, using any program with printing capabilities.  What’s more, you won’t need to plug into any cable, even an Ethernet.  You can fax from any device, provided you can access your email account on it.  This means that, with FaxFX, faxing is completely mobile.

So, while the misinformed writer in question was dwelling on the fax communication of the past, he failed to see that fax to email has completely surpassed his expectations.  If you were unaware of this fantastic service, contact FaxFX to see how faxing has entered the digital age.

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