What is the FaxFX Fax Printer, and How Do I Use It?


Some frequently asked questions regarding the Print to Fax Driver.

The FaxFX Fax Printer is a feature which allows you to fax directly from any software that allows printing, such as Word and Excel. It is just another way in which FaxFX is making faxing simpler, faster, and more convenient.

Here some FAQs regarding the FaxFX Fax Printer:

Do I need to transfer my contacts manually?

No, the Fax Printer can sync with your existing contacts, such as your email contact, and add them to its contact manager. In the Fax Printer Wizard, simply click ‘to’, followed by ‘import contacts’.

What software do I need?

After you have downloaded the Fax Printer from the FaxFX website, you can run it on Windows 7, Vista, or 2000, and you will require .Net 3.5 Framework.

How do I begin?

After registration, you simply need Fax Out credits in your account to be able to use the FaxFX fax printer. These can be purchased from the FaxFX website.

What happened to my cover sheet?

If you added a cover sheet but it didn’t send, ensure that you have “fax cover sheets” enabled. If you need assistance with this, the team at will be more than happy to help.

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