Fax Usage


Getting rid of your traditional fax machine and switching to an online fax service means you can save money and help the environment at the same time. So much paper is wasted and millions of trees are cut down every year to supply enough paper for the ever-demanding fax machines. There are over 46 million fax machines in the world. The carelessness of cutting down 2 million trees a year to provide paper for fax machines is unnecessary when you could simply switch to an online fax service as an alternative solution instead.

To think that paper accumulation reaches 853 miles, which is 3,000 times higher than New York City’s Empire State Building, is absolutely outrageous! By signing up for an online fax service, you can immediately do your part in helping the environment by assisting in solving the issue of such a high demand for paper. This will simultaneously reduce your company’s costs for ink and electricity. Not only does an online fax service have a lower effect on the environment, but it also has a positive effect on your business, as it reduces the operating costs of companies. The amount of time it takes to send multiple pages through a fax machine is a complete waste.

Why would you stand at a fax machine feeding it your pages one-by-one, when instead, you can send multiple pages in one go? Do the right thing – make the switch, get in with the times and reduce your carbon footprint!

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