Fax to the Future


How FaxFX has kept fax current.

In the second part of Back to the Future, which is set in the year 2015, Marty McFly is fired by fax. The fax is printed out of a sleek fax machine that is mounted to his wall. At the time of this film, this was a very futuristic idea. And, since fax machines were enjoying their heyday in the 1980s, when the film was made, people probably believed that sleeker fax machines would be a staple of the future. Little did they know that faxing would far exceed the use of fax machines in 2015.

Faxing in the real year 2015 is far more advanced than screenwriters in the 1980s could imagine. Back then, there was no internet to speak of, and touch screens were not even imaginable. However, faxing now uses the internet and mobile devices. Here is what FaxFX allows users to do:

  • Receive and send faxes using an email account
  • Use mobile devices to access faxes, provided the device has an internet connection
  • Store all past fax correspondence securely on the FaxFX server
  • Send multiple faxes simultaneously


The above are just some of the amazing features of fax to email. If the audiences of Back to the Future, Part II had seen this, they probably would have dismissed it as being too far-fetched. But, thanks to FaxFX, this is the technology we enjoy in 2015.

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