Fax to Email

Fax to Email

Fax FX is one of South Africa’s largest independent free fax to email providers. The company has seen a year on year growth in excess of 30% since it’s inception in 2005. Many companies, doctors, recruitment agents, lawyers and other related services that are dependant on the delivery of legal documentation still use traditional fax services.

FaxFX is one of the pioneers in developing free fax technology that converts faxes into email attachments. Our service provides unique fax numbers to companies and individuals that converts any faxes sent to that number into an email attachment and forwards it on to the number owner.

The service adds a marginal markup onto inbound fax machines calling the number that covers the costs so that the owner of the fax number never has to pay for their additional “fax line”.

While many companies claim to be “official” vendors FaxFX in fact is one of only a few operators with the official capability and capacity to provide free fax to email numbers to the public in South Africa.

If you would like your own free fax to email number sign-up here, all you need is a name and an email address to get started.

Many users world-wide have come to terms with using Fax to Email services. It’s the most economical way to do modern faxing without the use of an actual faxing machine. There are very few people on earth who have not struggled with the use of a fax machine. The machine is time consuming, unreliable and rather costly. Why have all those when you can have a superfast, efficient, reliable and free of charge “fax machine” within your email account from anywhere on earth?

By having Fax to Email service, you will be able to send and receive faxes to and from your email account from any internet enabled PC or mobile device. Everyone who does emailing will know how effective and efficient the use of it is, so why not use the same concept of modernized faxing? You can easily search the web for completely free of charge service providers that will offer you the service you desire for absolutely free of charge. After you have done your searching and comparing, you can register for free at your chosen fax service provider and from there obtain your free faxing number. This number will be linked to your email accounts and will be used by people who need to fax you important documents.

Apart from the previously used or conventional faxing machine, the new way of Fax to Email faxing allows its users to choose whether to print out the fax document or not. They can also decide to save the documents to their PC’s for a much better organized filing system. Documents will be delivered in either PDF or IMAGE format just as normal emailing of documents.

Users of Fax to Email service will enjoy the benefits of not having to wait for faxes to be delivered or sent, and the freedom and privacy of doing everyday faxing from the comfort of their own PC. Replace your fax machine today and do your faxing the modern way of online faxing.

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