Fax to email and the online world

If you, or even your business do not have an online presence, i.e. social media or website, then essentially it does not exist. Yet there are some stalwarts who refuse to move with the times – or when they do it is with grudging compromise. Especially when it comes to the dear old fax.

While many organisations still rely on fax for a number of reasons, even they have come to the realisation that taking it online has its benefits. These advantages are all fairly obvious, so let’s take a look at some disadvantages of keeping your old fax machine running.

  • Often fax lines share the voice line. This means that if a fax is coming through voice calls are rejected, and vice versa, if the voice line is in use then faxes don’t come through.
  • If the receiving end’s fax or voice line is busy, again your fax will not go through.
  • There is no immediate response over fax, so you can never be 100% sure that it was received or understood.
  • It is not unlikely that faxes are sent to the wrong number; this can be seriously embarrassing if it’s personal details or information.
  • Long documents can take a very long time to transmit.
  • If you are receiving many faxes per day, your important documents can end up lost in a pile.

There are just so many reasons that it makes sense to move your fax systems online – contact FaxFX today and make the smart move.

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