Fax to email


Fax to email is a recent application on the business scene devised to make things easier for the workers. Nobody really cares whether the workers overload their brains or not, but somewhere out there somebody is looking after the proletariat. Fax to email makes life a lot easier for the Proles as they are called in 1984′.

The faxing world

Thank heavens things are not nearly as bad and George Orwell foretold them to be and thank heavens that Big Brother is only a TV show! Nobody wants strangers gawking over their shoulders whilst attending to personal hygiene in the bathroom or plotting to overthrow the ruling oligarchy in the linen closet. Why the linen closet? Well, where else would you plot against the Bureaucrats?
The point is nothing is as bad as George expected things to be, but some things are even better than he predicted. Work, with a capital W is not so bad anymore. Think of fax to email and also be grateful that we don’t all have to wear grey, shapeless sackcloth overalls to work.

Sorry to get ahead of things but if you’re not sure who George Orwell was, Google him to find out. Another modern miracle is Google! Now you see how easy things are for us in 2014 as opposed to anything beforehand. We are practically cossetted in comfort and well-being. It makes you want to run out for a copy of his book to see how unfortunate life could have been. Reading the book is a good suggestion however, get a Kindle people! Really!

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