How the E Fax Revolution helps the Environment


Have you heard about e-waste? No? Well, let me explain. When you upgrade your technology to the latest models and you throw your old models away, they become e-waste. With billions of cellphones and computers being thrown away daily, e-waste is becoming a major problem. Do you know where your electronics end up?

E-waste normally ends up in landfills. The most dangerous part of this is that electronics can release toxic chemicals which pollute the landscape surrounding the landfills, and eventually a greater area. These chemicals can also be released into the atmosphere, harming people and animals in many places. Because of this, Fax FX has pledged to minimise our e-waste as much as possible. Our services already make use of technology that does not have a large environmental impact. We also do not make use of paper or ink. Think about the impact on the environment when hundreds of thousands of trees are chopped down. Online faxing is a fantastic eco-friendly method. All you need is access to the internet and your inbox- no unnecessary electronics.

Also consider the impact of your electronics on our world. Do you really need to upgrade to the latest model immediately? Is your computer beyond the point of no-return? Probably not. Before you replace your technology, you should consider refurbishing or repairing them.

A slow computer can be given new life with added memory. An older cellphone can even be passed down to your children to use. Our environment relies on us to look after it, so do your part.

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