Fax Online


Fax online does not mean a fax being sent and received straight! It means you no longer need a fax machine to do the faxing thing! Times have changed and technology is booming! Would you have ever thought that such a wondrous thing would be there to be beholden by common man?

It shows that whilst we dither and fuss, technology is out there making the world a better place for us to work and play. If only there were more time to play and that work took up only two days a week whilst recreation was to be enjoyed 5 days a week! Now, that would be perfect but in the meanwhile on those 5 days per week on which we toil and suffer, we can make use of the perfect construct of fax online. Keep this thought in mind when you are trudging wearily through your workload and be grateful that you don’t have to walk to the fax machine anymore.

Hundreds of poor workers don’t have fax online capabilities and actually have to leave their desks to make the trip to the fax machine. Heaven forbid, you should have a little exercise! The time saved by not walking to the fax machine could be used by running up and down the staircase at work instead of using the elevator. You’ll be fitter and you will have finished your work too.

If you are not a technophile, you may as well get rid of your prejudices and stride into the 21st century with the rest of society. It is really not so scary, just ask your teenage children to guide you!

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