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No More Fax Machines

With the death of the fax machine, people are looking for alternate options in order to communicate. Online faxing is the perfect option. You won’t be wasting any resources. In fact, you will be using your available resources to communicate. Have you got a computer and internet access? Then you’re good to go!

Online faxing is the perfect eco-friendly option for both you and your business. You won’t need an ancient old fax machine anymore, and on top of that, you

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won’t need any paper or ink. Your faxes that you send and in an environment where you will be sending messages constantly, this is a great option. Each of your employees can be issued with a unique fax 2 email number

which will be theirs. Think of it as an email address or a cellphone number. All fax communication will pass through

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this number.

Don’t worry about getting stuck with your online faxing endeavours- we have a fantastic support team available to walk you through any problems. I doubt you’ll need them though, because our services are so easy to use. Don’t waste any more time with problematic office communication, sign up and get started with online faxing.