Fax to Email

The green thing to do

With everything today happening on a computer, tablet or phone screen, it is incredibly frustrating when someone asks for your fax number, or demands that you send them a fax when you sign up for a new contract. Most of us have moved past cumbersome fax machines that generally serve as glorified dust collectors. This is especially true in the 21st century where the world is fast becoming aware of the benefits of sustainable and environmentally friendly options.

This is where FaxFX comes onto the field to solve all your fax related problems with ease, while keeping the delicate environment in mind. Some statistics regarding faxes, just to give you an idea:

– Fax machines in South Africa generate a massive 12 000 tonnes of emissions.
– It is estimated that faxes in SA use around 350 000 trees per year.

Creating a paper free office environment is more possible today than it has ever been, which is why FaxFX is dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint left by fax machines and all the correlating printing, photocopying and re-faxing that goes along with it.

With the ease of FaxFX, you have no need for additional software, your faxes are sent and received, reliably and securely from anywhere in the world. Also there are no hidden costs, the fees are manageable, especially in a corporate environment where you can save loads on inks and paper, not to mention machine maintenance.

In the digital world, making the move to Fax to Email is definitely the smart choice for everyone.

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