Fax to Email

Going Green

For most people, the details that go into making our daily office routines possible, are minor and inconsequential. However it is worth noting that many of our daily tasks such as printing, copying and faxing are horribly detrimental to the natural world.

Some estimates state that all the fax machines in South Africa, while on standby, emit as much as 12 000 tonnes of CO2. It is further estimated that on average about 360 000 trees are consumed each year in South Africa alone to cover the, copying, printing and faxing needs of the nation and its busy industrial and economic sector.

With Earth’s resources dwindling faster and faster each year it makes no sense to continue on this unsustainable course.


This is why FaxFX and its many services exists.

To reduce the amount of harmful emissions produced by these obsolete methods as well as to reduce the amount of trees consumed for redundant reasons, FaxFX provides a variety of fax services over the internet.

Fax to email and email to fax mean that you can replace your old, bulky, noisy fax machine with the same computer that you use to perform the rest of your tasks and duties, all the while continuing to send and receive faxes, keeping those backward clients happy.

To find out more about the services offered by FaxFX and to make the move toward a greener, more efficient office, head over to their website and sign up today. It is that easy.

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