Fax Archiving and the Safety of your Data-Back-Ups

Technology has simplified our lives greatly over the past few years and the momentum of technological developments is becoming more rapid. Security in the world of IT is not only about protecting information from landing in the wrong hands or from being tampered with, but also the danger of losing data can be very detrimental to any business.

Data can be lost in many different ways; from fires, flooding and other natural causes to human negligence. So many people keep photos and important documents saved on their phones and computers, but what would happen if these devices get damaged or stolen? For many people that would result in them losing very important information instantly. This shows that backing up information is important and it is even more important to ensure that the means you use to back data up is reliable. Many companies have already put measures into place that allow employees back up information. It is not a matter of whether or not information is being backed up but how it is being backed up. That is where fax archiving comes into play. Backing up information on your computer is not enough, you need to do it off-site to protect against physical threats.

Your business can start enjoying the security that comes with our automatic fax archiving feature that comes standard with all FaxFX accounts. Speak to our consultants today to find the right package to suit your business’ needs.

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