Fax and the Law

Why lawyers, among many other professionals, prefer fax.

Faxing was the best form of communication in the 1980s, and stayed popular through most of the ‘90s too.  But, as email came into power, fax started to lose popularity.  However, the fact that fax was such a staple in offices around the world means that it never went out of service, and, in fact, is still the preferred form of written communication in many professions.

One of the professions that still relies heavily on fax is the legal profession.  It is not simply on the grounds of tradition that lawyers prefer their correspondence to be faxed.  Here are two reasons why fax is king in law:

  • Fax verifies signatures: It is fairly easy to attach a digital signature to any emailed document, but faxing is better at verifying signatures.  For this reason, many legal associations prefer faxed correspondence.
  • Fax prevents fraud: Certain legal firms around the world are experiencing fraudulent behaviour in which criminals are emailing false invoices to their clients.  Fax communication greatly reduces the risk of this behaviour.

FaxFX’s fax to email technology is thus the best of both worlds.  It allows for greater safety in communication, given that it is still faxing, but it also creates greater ease in that communication.  Regardless of whether your communication pertains to the field of law, fax to email is a safe, easy and affordable means of written communication.

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