The evolution of fax messaging

Improvements in communication technology have had a major impact on fax messaging. The Internet facilitated the creation of Internet faxing. Internet faxing or fax to email allows the end user to send faxes without the need of a fax machine. The Internet is used as communication medium instead of traditional telephone lines.

Fax to email

Because fax to email makes exclusive use of the Internet, it is more efficient, faster, reliable, and cost effective. Messages can be sent anywhere in the world including to multiple mobile devices such as Smartphone’s and tablets. As long as the recipient has access to the Internet he/she may send and receive faxes at any time.

To those companies that are willing to apply new technologies to daily functionality, fax to email results in considerable saving as no paper, ink or facsimile machine is needed. From a business perspective it is also possible to encrypt sensitive documents without the need of specialised equipment.

Individuals can easily send and receive faxes to other computers and devices regardless of the operating system used. In fact the only common element that the sender and receiver needs is an e-mail accounts as messages are delivered into e-mail boxes.

The world is an integrated environment with economies running 24 / 7. It is not always possible to wait for a person on the other side of the world. In this respect fax to email allows messages to be sent instantly but can be safely stored on the recipients Internet server until it can be retrieved.

It comes as no surprise that the fax to email service is becoming competitive which in a sense is positive for the consumer. Competition drives innovation and development bringing new technologies and improved ways of doing old things.

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