Environmental Friendly Faxing


It may be hard to believe but something as simple as faxing has a major impact on the environment. With global warming accelerating, it is up to each of us to reduce our own carbon footprint. Making a small change such as switching from traditional faxing to fax to email will make a substantial difference.

A more modern communication technology, fax to email is the new going green initiative. With email to fax you will not only reduce your carbon footprint you will also save money.

Small to medium size businesses easily use up to 5000 sheets of paper per month. That equals one tree being chopped down per month for every small business, let’s not mention large enterprises!

Online faxing uses less paper. This means there is less paper wastage and less trees being destroyed. In addition to this there will be less CO2 emissions, few consumers realise that a single fax machine left in standby mode will use energy that will result in 200kg of CO2 emissions per year. One should also consider that hundreds of thousands of empty ink and toner cartridges will be discarded ending up in landfill sites.

Few people realise that by switching to a fax to email system they can actually reduce electricity consumption as well as travelling costs. Unlike a traditional fax machine that requires a constant power source, fax to email works on your personal computer. As a matter of fact, a fax to email fax is delivered directly into your email inbox which means you can now receive faxes from virtually anywhere at any time directly to your mobile phone.

Fax to email is fast, effective and easy to use we can all do our bit to help the environment by implementing such a small change into our everyday lives.

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