Emails That Should Never Be Sent

As more and more people are becoming aware of the fantastic benefits and features of free fax to email services, many are converting from the conventional fax machine to this form of sending and receiving faxes. However, as with fax etiquette, there is also email etiquette that should be adhered to. There are many types of emails and faxes that should never be sent, not over an email or over an internet fax.

Here are a few of the big no-no’s that should always be avoided when sending emails or internet faxes:

Avoid the rant message: It is never a good idea to send an email or internet fax when you are upset or angry. It will almost always end up containing words that you regret and phrases that will get you into trouble. It is far too easy to press the send button in the heat of the moment. Rather wait a beat and compile that message at a time when you have calmed down a bit.

The scandal rap sheet: As almost any office worker can attest to, office gossip is bad enough on its own. It certainly does not need to be accelerated using electronic means such as email or fax to email services. The golden rule to follow is to never send a message that you would want absolutely everyone to know that it came from you.

Spamming everyone: Unless someone specifically requested to be included in your mailing or faxing list, you are spamming them with your marketing emails. You should only ever send marketing emails to people that have specifically opted into receiving your marketing related mails.

Bad news: Breaking bad news over email or internet fax is not the way to go. When dealing with a resignation, a firing or a complicated reassignment, it will be better to deliver the bad news in person where possible, or even over the telephone if all else fails. There also shouldn’t be any exceptions to this rule. It is considered cowardly and very unprofessional to deliver bad news through email or faxes.



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