Eco-Friendly Travel


The crowd at Fax FX are an eco-friendly bunch, so I thought I’d share some eco-friendly ways to travel. Of course, we all want to minimize our impact on the environment, so consider a few of these methods the next time you’re going somewhere. It’s up to you to do your part.

First and foremost- walking!
Yes, walking. Not only is it good for you, but it’s good for the environment.

They after & this
Your legs can carry you to almost anywhere you want to go. Get out there in the fresh air and exercise those muscles!

Carpool to work
This is a surefire way to lesson your carbon footprint. If four people carpool to work, then there are three less cars on the road. And that means less carbon monoxide.

Jump onto that bicycle
As a child, I loved riding my bicycle. Anywhere I needed to go, I’d hop onto my little pink bike and pedal away, even in the rain. If you need to head down to the shops for some bread and milk, do it on your bike.

Drive an electric car
I know that this might not be attainable to everyone, but electric is the an awesome option. Burning fuel is what poisons our atmosphere, so the less we burn the better.

If we work together, we can reduce mankind’s carbon footprint. By reducing and reusing, you as an individual can lesson your impact on the environment. Don’t just recycle, re purpose.

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