Putting the E in E fax


These days everything is prefaced with an E- e-mail, e-fax, e-commerce- you could probably think of e-leven more e-things! That’s the way we roll! We do the e-thing brilliantly. Just give us a call and let’s get working.

Increase efficiency with e-fax

We want to help you increase productivity, prevent time wasting, save money and get going. We have the solution for you and your company. Set up with our corporate faxing service and see things get better immediately. We will manage all your online communication to increase efficiency tenfold.

Each staff member gets an individual fax to email number so there will be no more queuing for copier/printers. There will be no more engaged lines. There will be no more expensive printer paper (think of the sigh of relief from all the trees out there), no more cartridge refills or even more expensive new cartridges. There is no more need to print and file documents for records.

With the modern, state of the art e-fax system we offer, everything can be done online and thus save copious amounts of space. Your documents will be automatically archived and will be available for 90 days without our help. After 90 days, we will retrieve them for you from our archived cyber files. Our team is delighted to assist you in every way possible.

E-fax will make your life so much easier by increasing your working mobility. There is no more need to stay next to the fax machine waiting for a document and fretting in case somebody else snaffles your private, confidential paperwork. Even worse than this is receiving contraband private faxes and naturally, they arrive the second you walk away for the machine to get a cup of tea. Now nobody need spy on your nefarious faxing activity. Seriously, we know you would never do that anyway.

If you are out of the office but you have your mobile device- tablet or phone- with you, life can go on uninterrupted or, at least, work can go on uninterrupted. Don’t confuse the two, please!

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