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Faxing the traditional way is notoriously unreliable and inefficient, not to mention enormously expensive. Fax to Email technology means that you are free to conveniently send and receive faxes from anywhere in the world, provided you have access to an internet connection. All incoming faxes are sent directly to your private inbox, and may be viewed at your leisure. You are provided with an individual fax number, yours to keep for life, which is permanently linked to your email address. Best of all, FaxFX fax to email services are entirely free of charge, with no extra setup or management costs. Fax to email brings faxing to mobile users. You now have the freedom to receive and view your faxes from any mobile device that supports pdf anywhere in the world.Why not let your faxes follow you? FaxFX Mobile Fax to Email is for you. Now you can receive faxes wherever you are in the world on your mobile device or smart-phone, enabling you to deal with personal or business tasks from practically anywhere.

Simply visit on your phone or mobile device and register to receive your free fax to email number and start using our simple free fax service today.

We provide corporate faxing services to optimise efficiency and help you avoid unnecessary delays and wastage in the workplace. FaxFX corporate fax solutions, allow you to manage your business affairs with an online system of administration, and streamline communication in the office environment. All employees can now make use of their individual fax number, free from the hassle of engaged lines or the delays associated with a communal fax machine. You and your employees can effortlessly receive and send faxes which are efficiently archived for later use.
  • All incoming faxes are absolutely free of charge
  • There are no hidden fees or costs for management or setup
  • You can register as many free individual fax numbers as you need
  • There is no need for additional software or machinery
  • Instant receiving and sending of faxes
  • Confidential and private faxes are sent directly to the intended recipient
  • Large documents supported
  • Faxes can be received from anywhere in the world