Creating Motivating Work Environment


Do you know what motivates your employees? Every employer should keep one thing in mind: a motivated employee will not only be more productive they perform their duties better and take action in helping grow the business!

It is up to you as an employer to create a work environment that fuels enthusiasm on a daily basis.

Listed below are 5 easy ways to create a motivating work environment:


Create business tasks that benefit the company

Studies have shown that assigning important tasks put in place to benefit the company, helps the employee feel that what they are doing actually means something to the company – they play a significant role in the development of the business. As a result they increase their efforts to get the job done successfully.

When hiring look for top performers

The term “top performers” do not necessarily mean degree holding persons. Top performers have a certain level of self-motivation and that’s one of the key elements you need. Employees tend to feed off each other’s energy, placing a complainer lacking motivation within the team is likely to seriously affect the motivated atmosphere within the group.

Show appreciation

A key element is communication in business. It is amazing what a simple “good job” or “well done” can do for an employee’s self-confidence. A simple gesture says to the employee that you have noticed the effort they are putting in and are impressed with the results. A simple show of appreciation is guaranteed to increase motivation tenfold!

Set goals and display them clearly

Set a goal that a team can achieve by working together. With this work based exercise business communication comes into play strongly. You may want to invest in a white board so that the goals can be discussed and a reasonable timeline established. When employees know that tasks are expected to be performed by a certain time they are motivated to get it done.

Show confidence

When you allow your employees a little more freedom to be creative in their positions, you show that you have confidence in them. When that level of trust and confidence is established motivation increases and an employee will go above and beyond the call of duty.

Keep motivated!

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