Customise Your Account to Suit Your Style


How to change your FaxFX account settings.

One of the greatest things in life is choice. Personal preferences are what make us unique, and the ability to tailor parts of our lives to suit those preferences makes us very happy. This is just another way that FaxFX strives to make its clients happy. While traditional fax machines were fairly standard contraptions, fax to email is customisable, to a certain extent. When logging into your FaxFX account, you have the option to change certain features to suit your preferences. Follow these steps to customise your account.

How to change your incoming fax options:
1. Click ‘Account’ in the menu to your inbox’s left, which will open a drop-down ‘Options’ menu.
2. Click ‘My Details’, which will open your details page.
3. Click ‘Receiving Options’, which will take you to the options page for inbound faxes.
4. The ‘Receiving Options’ page allows you to change certain settings, such as notifications, identifiers, and format.
5. Once you are satisfied with your changes, click ‘Save’ and your changes will be stored.

How to change your outgoing fax options:
1. Follow steps 1 and 2 of the above list.
2. Click the ‘Sending Options’ tab, which will open the options page for outgoing faxes.
3. The ‘Sending Options’ page allows you to make changes to your preferences.
4. If satisfied with your changes, click ‘Save’.

With these steps you can customise your account to suit your preferences – just another way in which FaxFX is making fax to email more convenient.

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