Bigger, Better, Smarter

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Technology. FaxFX keeps up with all the latest advancements in the industry, ensuring we are always one step ahead. What really caught our eye this week was the 12.9 inches Apple iPad. Today it seems bigger is always smarter and well, better.

A few years ago the competition was set at who could manufacture the smallest cellular phone, since the inception of smartphones we find ourselves moving yet again in the opposite direction. So much so that it has been reported that as early as 2015 Apple will be introducing their largest iPad to the world.

The new Apple iPad is a staggering 12.9 inches that is a whopping 32.7cm. A Bloomberg report states that Apple has played this one close to the chest, Apple engineers have been working on the development of this next generation iPad for more than a year.

The new apple iPad is rumoured to put its predecessors to shame both in size and capacity, existing models such as the 7.9 inch iPad Mini and 9.7 inch iPad seem inferior by comparison.
This news leak came as Apple was readying the launch of their new Smartphone the iPhone 6, the new iPhone 6 is said to be available in two sizes i.e. 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches, expected release date is set for 9 September 2014.

It is believed that this is a calculated move on Apples part. Research has shown that consumers no longer bother upgrading on their iPads, alternatively more and more consumers are opting for a Smartphone with a bigger screen and that is exactly what Apple aims to provide.

Partnering with IBM, the two companies aim to provide both iPads and iPhones to the business sector at large. The larger iPad is aimed at playing a bigger role in the workplace and comes fully equipped with preloaded apps that are enterprise specific.

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