Another Monday, another Week

A few changes, let’s hope for the better

With load shedding having become the norm in South Africa over the last four years, so many of us are looking at ways to save electricity, or at the least reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. After all so many aspects of our daily lives do rely on electricity.

But finally, after years of dragging their heels – and it may still be a bit late in the game to really change things – the government has at last made some headway into the solar and wind power possibilities. Fortunately hope is not lost, as private industry is starting to shoulder this burden. This may be a double edged sword, while reliable infrastructure would be awesome, the cost to the consumer may be yet another weight to bear.

It seems illogical that we have yet to make this move, with so much of our daily lives relying on electricity. But it is not a new trend, companies like FaxFX have been helping decrease the carbon footprint, not just of large corporations but also of the individual.

We all know how detrimental ink and paper manufacturing and disposal can be, especially when not recycled correctly. Not to mention the long queues and constant jams and problems that are associated with corporate printing and faxing machines.

By simply integrating these aspects into your email – a facility most people use constantly, throughout the day, every day – FaxFX makes life so much easier all while encouraging eco-friendly living.

With government pushing through tenders for large scale renewable energy plants, it makes sense to join the trend and do everything you can to reduce, reuse and recycle.

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