Going Green

With FaxFX, going green in the work environment is easy. South Africa is home to almost half a million fax machines, most of which are switched on 24 hours a day. The amount of electricity wastage and carbon emissions caused by these machines is significant.

Fax machines left in standby mode generate an incredible 12 000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.The average South African fax machine receives approximately 3 735 faxed pages per annum, or around 15 pages every day. Most of these faxes are photocopied or sent elsewhere to be printed yet again.

A single tree produces about 8 333 sheets of paper, and it is therefore estimated that fax transmission and copying in South Africa consumes 355 579 trees every year.

It is surprising to note that in the digital age, where the “paperless office” is more achievable than ever before, demand for paper and the resulting worldwide deforestation is still on the rise. Switching to FaxFX not only provides you and your company with a host of benefits, but also allows you to do your part in relieving the strain on our dwindling natural resources.Going green

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