Is it really possible to receive a free fax Online?

free online fax

If you’re running a new business or enterprise, chances are you’ve never even thought about buying a fax machine as part of your electronic assets. Most of us just get computers, maybe a printer, and then we’re good to go.

The problem is, many other companies, and government agencies, still have fax machines and sooner or later you’ll be confronted with a problem: a customer or associate wants to send you a fax, but you have no way of receiving a fax, without a fax machine, right?

Today we’re telling you, you can receive free fax online! There are services on the market that allow you to send a fax online, and do so without having to pay for it.

When you sign up with FaxFx, their software will integrate seamlessly with your email software and allow you to send free online fax. Using fax online is as easy as sending and receiving a regular email and you can do it all off your computer.

Free online fax is a global service so you can receive faxes from anywhere in the world without the fear of information being intercepted – to receive a fax online is just as secure as traditional fax and legal documents can be sent via the online option, without compromising on the legitimacy thereof.

There you have it, now that you know that it is in fact possible to receive free online fax, make sure you contact FaxFx to set it up for you.

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