How to Send an Email Fax nov done

There are some companies that have not yet converted to the convenient technology of fax to email. This could cause problems for the rest of us, when they insist on receiving documents via fax.

Let’s face it, most of us don’t own fax machines anymore, but not to worry, you can simply send an email fax, straight to their fax machines.

The best thing about email fax? You can send it, for free. Here’s how:

You’ll have to sign up with a fax-to-email company like FaxFx – they will provide you with the fax to email service that you need to send an email fax. FaxFx have great security measures in place which will allow you to send sensitive and legal documents, without the risk of interception or loss of data.

Sending an email fax is as easy as sending a regular email. As simple as that.

The FaxFx software integrates with a wide range of email programs and they will provide you with a fax number to which faxes can be received from other people. This means you now have the capability to send and receive faxes, without the costs of buying and maintaining a fax machine.

The ease of use of fax to email technology is exactly why so many companies have thrown their fax machines out the door – if you have not converted yet, you’re soon to be left behind.
Make sure you stay with the pack and talk to the specialists about setting up your fax to email.

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