3 Strange Fax Stories in Recent News

To those who think fax machines are machines of old, think again. You would be surprised to find out that faxing is still relevant in today’s world and many organisations in the health and commercial sectors still rely on fax to send documents around. Stories about fax machines often make their way to the headlines and sometimes the details are just strange. Here are a few of those stories detailing bizarre incidents involving faxes:

  1. Man used a fax machine to break out of jail

Government departments still rely on fax to send documents because of its safety and reliability. It is very important for government officials to be able to tell the difference between legitimate documents and illegitimate ones that is of course if they take some time to assess the documents.

In this case it took government officials an entire month to realise their mistake.

The Metro newspaper published a story about a man who used a fax to get himself out of jail.  He had a cohort on the outside and together they fabricated a court order saying that he should be released from prison because his case had been cleared. They had a full proof plan including a phone number that could be called for verification. The prison officials only realised their mistake one month later.

  1. A sandwich company got sued for sending faxes

A sandwich shop in New Jersey sent out many faxes out to promote their business. They are now currently being sued for sending unwanted faxes to a local auto parts dealer. The main reason for this is that the company that is suing cited the primary cause of the lawsuit being the disruption of business and waste of materials.

  1. Fax machines will not stop calling

Most people are aware by now that traditional fax machines use the phone line to send messages. You may have even mistakenly picked up the phone thinking it was ringing only to hear that digital static of a fax being sent to a telephone by mistake. Last year a woman in the US kept on receiving over a dozen fax machine calls on her telephone per day. This was because her telephone number was mistakenly printed as a doctor’s fax number on the Doctor’s business cards. Health professionals still rely heavily on fax machines to send important documents around, hence the frequent “calls”.

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