21st Century Communication and Telecom Advancements


As far as advancements in the telecoms industry go, we’ve come a long way since the time of messenger pigeons, as a matter of fact the biggest stride we have made is kicking analogue to the curb and embracing the digital way.
In the past, the best way to communicate with someone that was far away was by telegram or registered post, communicating abroad was nearly impossible. In our modern day and age we are all connected, as long as you have access to the internet, the communication possibilities are endless from mobile telephones to social media and even fax to email.
Our lives have been made easier by the huge advances in Telecoms and Communication such as:

  • SMS – Short Message Service or “texting” in laymen’s terms, SMS is used to send a short message usually 160 characters long from one mobile phone to another. An added benefit of texting is you can send the same message to multiple recipients at the same time not only is it cost effective it is efficient as well.
  • MMS – Multimedia Messaging Service , similar to SMS the MMS service goes one step further it allows the user to send images, video clips, audio content and text .
  • Mobile phone call – mobile phones have revolutionised the way we communicate, we are more in touch with one another than ever before. No matter where you are no matter what time of day it is as long as you have your mobile phone on hand you can make and receive calls and with more than five million cell phone towers throughout the world you can make and receive calls from virtually anywhere.
  • Email – Since its inception email has become a preferred method of communication especially in the work place, one email may be sent to numerous recipients at once or you may choose to “CC” a person in on an email or to “blind Copy” a recipient (when you blind copy a recipient the other recipients don’t know that person has been copied in on the email)but one of the best qualities and I am sure a great contributing factor to its popularity is that you can simply reply to an email that has been sent to you thus creating a paper trail of the entire communication process. In the past a man’s word was his bond, in our modern day and age a man’s word is what you can prove on paper.
  • Online faxing – Forget about the traditional fax machine, it’s noisy, expensive and bad for the environment. Today more and more people are opting for a fax to email alternative it is safer, more efficient and cost effective, with fax to email a person can receive a fax from anywhere straight to his/her smart phone, desktop or laptop all faxes are received in the email inbox so you never miss a thing you are even able to send a fax from your email i.e. email to fax, all email to fax faxes that are sent are sent via a secure line and is delivered straight to the recipient.
  • Mobile smart phones – Upon its inception the mobile phone was a strange and unknown commodity in a manner of speaking people feared the use of a mobile devices, we have now become so accustomed to our smart phones that there is a recognised phobia for being without a mobile phone i.e. Nomophobia (the fear of being without your cell phone). With all a smart phone has to offer one can easily understand such a phobia, your mobile smart phone is basically your pc in your pocket you can do almost anything with it from browsing online to sending and receiving faxes and emails, it has a built in dairy making it easier to keep track of your schedule and it is capable of running almost any mobile app and if that isn’t impressive enough it even has basic functions such as SMS and MMS.
  • Social Medias – Social medias have taken the art of communication and turned it on its head social medias such as Facebook and Twitter have totally replaced boring family visits you can chat online upload pics and videos or change your status at the drop of a hat with just a few clicks your entire family and friends will know what is going on in your life. Social Medias have the business advantages as well, more and more businesses worldwide are promoting their products and services of social media there is one thing that spreads faster than wild fire and that social media gossip.

Thanks to our advancement from analogue to digital we are more in touch and more in tune with each other than we have ever been. No matter where you are in the world or what time it is a friendly hello is only a click away.

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