Free Fax to Email

In a world where everything has a price-tag, there’s always that moment of joy when encountering a truly free service. Back in the day of telephonic fax services, individuals were slaves to the mounting costs faxes incurred on phone lines, especially across national borders. Those days are no more. With Fax to Email services, you send and receive faxes from anywhere in the world, at no additional cost and at your own leisure. All you need is access to an internet connection. Our fax to email service is entirely free of charge, no hidden costs; just efficient service you can trust.

Mobile Fax 2 Email

Free Fax

Fax 2 email brings faxing into the mobile generation. You now have the freedom to receive and view your faxes from a desktop, laptop, mobile device or smartphone anywhere in the world. If, like so many entrepreneurs and businesspeople, you are always on the go and not at your desk for much time, FaxFX Mobile Fax to Email is for you. Now you can receive faxes wherever you are on your mobile device or smartphone, enabling you to deal with personal or business tasks from practically anywhere. Simply visit on your phone or mobile device.

Corporate Fax to Email

Fax to Email

We provide corporate faxing services to optimise efficiency and help you to avoid unnecessary delays and wastage in the workplace. FaxFX corporate fax solutions allow you to manage your business affairs with an online system of administration, and streamline communication in the office environment. All employees can now make use of their individual fax number, free from the hassle of engaged lines or the delays associated with a communal fax machine. You and your employees can effortlessly receive and send faxes which are efficiently archived for later use.

Key Features

Free Fax

  • Send and view faxes from your desktop, laptop, smartphone or mobile device from anywhere in the world
  • Incoming faxes are 100% free
  • No hidden costs and no fees for setup and management
  • As many free accounts as required
  • Larger documents are handled with ease
  • Multiple pages present no problem and large documents are handled with as much ease as smaller ones
  • Receive and send faxes to anywhere in the world
  • No additional hardware or software requirements.

Tired of the long queues to get to the fax machine? Done with having to wait for one colleague to finish sending or receiving a fax before getting access to an open line? Contact FaxFX to learn more about our industry leading fax to email solutions. Utilise the power of our cutting edge corporate communications in your business and benefit from state of the art and affordable fax communications. For more information on our South African Fax Services options visit

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